3 Gorgeous Destinations For Your Beach Wedding in Italy

Imagine this: a small Italian sandy beach, the sun setting over the horizon, and the waves gently crashing on the coast. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Now add yourself saying that “I do” with all your friends and family present! The country is the definition of romance, so having a beach wedding in Italy is an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Destination weddings in Italy are unforgettable, all thanks to the scenic surroundings. There is no better place than the country’s beaches for organizing your dream celebration, no matter how long or short your guest list is. If you’re looking for inspiration for your special day, look no further! Check out our top destination recommendations for a perfect beach wedding in Italy.

Say “I do” in Sicily

The title of the largest Italian island belongs to Sicily. The Mediterranean jewel is a great location for promises of eternal love. Not to mention its rich history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes!

Sicily is a foolproof option for a beach wedding in Italy. Various venues are available for your wedding in Sicily, including forts, villas, and old churches. In addition, the delicious local food is a must, so make sure to try some of the authentic Sicilian classics. We promise you that your taste buds will be hooked on Italian cuisine.

For couples thinking of having their wedding in Sicily, we have a useful tip:

Add a little bit of culture to your nuptial theme by styling with traditional Sicilian ceramics. Add bright hues influenced by the Mediterranean here and there, and finish the decor with bougainvillea and other local flowers. This will not only make the occasion stand out, but it will also provide you with an even more authentic taste of Sicily. 

This lovely island’s streets and walls have witnessed a lot of love stories, so why not yours too?

Start your lifelong journey in Capri

Starting the next chapter in your relationship with a destination wedding in Italy, surrounded by blue waters and high cliffs, is simply perfect. Say your vows surrounded by the scent of lemon trees and the incredible panoramas of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Capri has a timeless appeal that is perfect for couples who want a romantic celebration.

You can choose a clifftop villa with amazing views of the Faraglioni rocks or a lovely seaside venue for your beach wedding in Italy. You won’t make a mistake either way! Opt for a reception full of traditional foods such as fresh seafood and limoncello, infusing your celebration with the true spirit of Capri.

Here’s another tip for booking a venue if you’re hosting a wedding in Capri:

Avoid the crowds on the island during summer. Getting married outside of the high season can save you a lot of money. This includes flights, accommodation, and venues. Plus, you’ll have more privacy.

Amalfi Coast wedding

As our last suggestion, we wholeheartedly recommend you host an Amalfi Coast wedding. You will be surrounded by amazing sea views and nature. Imagine your dream celebration in one of those cute coastal towns with colorful buildings clinging to the rocks. You will be mixing simplicity with elegance in a way that looks genuine.

When you get married on the Amalfi Coast, you’ll be encapsulated by the never-ending sea and the scent of lemons. The coast is full of beautiful venues, making it quite challenging to pick the ideal one. Are you looking for a lovely terrace with a sea view or an old church with a lot of history? Each location here feels like a secret gem just waiting to see your love story unfold.

Our last tip for you who want a beach wedding in Italy is this:

Try out some local wedding traditions! Learn what locals do and see if you can include any of them in your big day. This will enhance the Italian flair of your destination wedding even more.

Have you picked your wedding destination yet?

These three places in Italy – Sicily, Capri, Amalfi Coast – are the perfect places to have a beautiful beach wedding in Italy. The blue seas, exciting culture, and delicious food blend to create a unique setting for your celebration. You will have a delightful experience no matter which gem you pick.

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