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Why should you choose one?

A wedding is a big and important event in your life. Everyone wants their wedding to be the day when everything is just perfect; a day that will offer an unforgettable experience, for you and your spouse. A wedding is an event that must be well-planned down to the smallest detail. Many people suffer sleepless nights, thoughts going round and round in their heads: have we remembered everything? The stress can build up and when the day comes you may feel tired and weary. There’s a lot to think about for a wedding: the right venue for the celebration, food and drinks, photographer, music, schedule, wedding design, transport, and many other things. To avoid this, the person you need is a wedding planner. You will avoid all the stress and uncertainty whether you have remembered everything for the big day, and the wedding day itself can be enjoyed with your guests, without all the worry.

Every wedding is unique, and every bridal couple wants different things. As a wedding planner and facilitator, we will tailor your wedding in Italy. You will have all your wishes fulfilled. We will take care of everything from preliminary preparation, the entire planning phase, and the wedding day itself while working closely with you. A wedding is one of the big events in your life; the day should only be about positive experiences and very pleasant memories. This is why it is important to use us as a wedding planner so that everything is organised in a professional manner. We will be at your complete disposal so that you can simply enjoy this magical day.

A wedding planner knows the best suppliers and how to get the best prices. If it is necessary to find new suppliers to satisfy your wishes, needs and style, thanks to our contacts, we will be able to offer the best solutions while always staying within the fixed budget. All the services you require we can plan for you. If you only want help with some of the services we organise, we will, of course, assist you with these.

The advantage of choosing a Wedding Planner who lives in Italy and speaks English and Italian

When holding a wedding in Italy, there are some cultural differences. For example, it is not common to have speeches or toastmasters at a traditional Italian wedding. We help with all the details and the traditions you would like for your wedding in Italy. If you’d like a wedding with Italian traditions, we will of course take care of this. we speak fluent Italian, live in Italy, know both international and Italian wedding traditions well and choosing a local wedding planner will be of great benefit to you. We can speak English together and you won’t have to worry about communication problems. We communicate directly with all the suppliers in their own language (not all suppliers speak fluent English, and it may be difficult to explain your wishes); this makes bookings easier and avoids a lot of misunderstandings. So You will be reassured by not having uncertainties about the various suppliers and other problems that may arise. We can do all this for you, and should any problems arise, we will, of course, solve them for you too.

If you would like to come to Italy for a tour of the venue and a tasting of the wedding menu, we are at your disposal to help with this but we can also show you everything virtually on a video call from Italy. We will document and explain all the details for you.

We cannot wait to be your wedding planner and look forward to planning your dream wedding together with you.

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