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Wedding Design and Wedding Style


a bespoke wedding

Every couple getting married wants their wedding to be a beautiful, unforgettable, and wonderful experience, and much more. This day is going to be absolutely perfect.  How do we make this happen? How to achieve the WOW effect? 

We will tailor a project for you, all based on the desires and needs you have to design your dream wedding. The most enjoyable moment in the preparations is most certainly the choice of wedding theme. We know the best suppliers, so you can be absolutely sure of getting the best result.

The important thing for us is to have a good understanding of how you will experience the great day. We will help you with anything, from the style you want, color choices, decorations, textiles like tablecloths, napkins and silk ribbons, flower arrangements, table decoration, graphic design like invitations, table cards, menu, guestbook and anything else you want. We will assist you in putting together a colour palette. Every item that is part of the wedding, from the wedding dress to the venue, from the table decoration to the wedding cake. All of this, of course, is done in close cooperation with you. We will show you all the suppliers, such as flower designers, graphic designers, and we will recommend those that best suit your personality and style. Everything will be studied in detail to express the essence of your love.

The wedding designer takes care of the aesthetics of the event and gives the utmost importance to the choice of colours, decorative details and materials, from the invitations to the design of the wedding. The important thing for us is to have a good conversation with you, ask questions, also over Skype, to know all your wishes, ideas, expectations and needs. This is done in order to understand your aesthetic taste and bring it alive using all the details that will be clearly visible on your big day. Sketches, inspirations and colors are the first ingredients that create the atmosphere that initially is just an idea. We will create a tailor-made project for you, based on your requests and corresponding exactly to the style you would like for your wedding.

Our expertise will be of great help so that the preparations for the wedding and the big day will be just the way you want it: magical, professionally planned and well-organised. Do you feel the need to get ideas for the theme you would like for your wedding? Contact us and we will be able to help you with this.

We are so looking forward to designing your wedding in Italy!

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