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Wedding on Lake Como

Wedding on Lake Como

Lake Como is world renowned for its wonderful and romantic landscapes. It is the perfect place to celebrate an elegant wedding where guests are received in an adventurous way. Bellaggio, Varenna, Cernobbio, Como and Lecco are just some of the most beautiful places overlooking the lake. Artists and poets have been inspired by this beautiful landscape for centuries. Here, there are very elegant places that have maintained an unmistakable, authentic and antique style. They merge with the picturesque and fascinating landscapes, allowing you to experience unique moments that are just out of the ordinary.

Discover why you should have a wedding on Lake Como

Nothing is more beautiful than a union held among the beauty of Italy. You are probably aware that we are talking about one of the most awe-inspiring countries in the world – one with all-natural treasures one dreams of. When you are looking for a bridal celebration with a unique touch and jaw-dropping features, then considering a wedding on Lake Como might be your chance to achieve all that.

If you want a quintessential romantic setting for creating your love story, look into this majestic Italian gem. We are not describing a regular Italian city but one that distinctly stands out. And what makes it so special? It is up to you to decide once you read the glorious characteristics of this marvelous place. A wedding on Lake Como may be just what you have always dreamed of! 

Why Might Lake Como Be Your Dreamy Wedding Location?

You might be one of those people who want to keep bridal events intimate and private. Or, you may be one of those who fall in love with extravagant and glorious celebrations that get stuck in your memory forever. Whatever your preference is when it comes to unions, you can count on Lake Como to provide you with anything you desire. Your wedding in Italy can be a real-life fairytale – you just need to envision it! 

To picture your wedding on Lake Como more specifically, we have selected a few things you can count on. Once you go over the features of this magical place, you will never imagine yourself saying “I do” anywhere else! 

A Luxurious Spot for Ultimate Elegance 

Couples who strive for luxury and elegance will find Como Lake a heavenly destination for special occasions such as a dreamy celebration of love. The breathtaking views of the lake are just part of the landscapes this place offers. There are many 5-star hotel resorts with a luxurious ambiance that your guests will find comfortable and cozy. Moreover, there are amazing private villas with spectacular surroundings for those who want a more private atmosphere. 

However, Lake Como is also home to many fascinating venues you can use for your big day. When luxury is your goal for your destination wedding in Italy, this place will not disappoint you. Whatever your dream is about your big day, you can make it a reality in the heart of the most beautiful area of this European country! 

A Surreal Scenery 

Many couples desire to exchange their vows with splendid scenery in their background. Also, they dream of framing these moments with the most beautiful backdrops nature can provide. If these features are the aspects you want when you get married in Italy, then you must put Lake Como on your list of bridal destinations.

This Italian place boasts surreal scenic views and majestic landscapes. You may have admired them in pictures, but now they can be your background when you say “I do”. Everything you imagine for your big day can be found in the area of Lake Como. Whether striving for lush gardens, picturesque shores, or fairytale castles, you can find everything in this fantastic spot in the heart of the Mediterranean. And if you have the right wedding planner in Italy, then you will have it all figured out in no time!

Amazing Weather Conditions 

When you want to be on the safe side weather-wise, then a wedding on Lake Como is your best option. Como Lake is known for mild winters and warm summers, meaning you can get married there throughout the whole year. You do not have to plan your union around specific seasons because whatever time you choose, you will not be disappointed. 

During summer, the temperatures in the area do not get extremely high. So, you do not have to fear scorching conditions, making it impossible to enjoy a pleasant occasion such as a bridal celebration. Plus, the region is known for low humidity levels, meaning you will not face impossible circumstances to make the most out of your wedding in Italy. You can freely plan your days for water activities and sightseeing without being bothered by high temperatures. 

Fall is another great season to get married in Italy because it still offers mild temperatures and warm weather. Moreover, it offers an amazing opportunity to take advantage of the fall landscapes and foliage that take place once the season arrives. However, you should not discard winter as an option because the surroundings that it provides are simply charming. Just imagine yourself with your loved one with snow-capped mountains in the background! Pretty amazing, right?

Delightful Food and Glorious Wine 

Besides splendid scenery, a wedding on Lake Como means enjoying some of the tastiest dishes in Europe. You can spend your days eating flavorful delicacies, starting from well-known pasta classics to fresh fish and seafood delights. 

If you decide to get married in Italy, specifically around Lake Como, then you cannot miss out on the iconic dishes, such as polenta taragna, a tasty porridge served with cheese and meat, or risotto alla Milanese, a signature rice delicacy in combination with heavenly flavors. Moreover, you should not forget to complement your meals with glorious Italian wine. The wine kinds that the area offers are unique and related to the Roman times. Plus, there is no better way to celebrate the beginning of your marriage than with a glass of fine wine! 

Exquisite Culture 

This region’s exquisite culture intensifies Lake Como’s scenery’s tranquility and peacefulness. We all know that Italy is the country of love and art, so in this area, you will see how everything is perfectly blended. Lake Como is home to amazing botanical gardens, glorious museums, and breathtaking art galleries. You can celebrate your love and learn about a different culture. There is no better combination than this for a memorable destination wedding in Italy.  

We know that picking out the right location for your big day can get overwhelming, considering you have a lot of options at your disposal. However, you can be sure that you will never regret your decision if you opt for a wedding on Lake Como. This destination offers miraculous things, and it will be absolutely worth it to experience all of them! 

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