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Wedding on the Amalfi Coast – Sorrento – Capri

Wedding on the Amalfi Coast - Sorrento - Capri

Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast with Positano, Amalfi or Ravello are really absolute gems when it comes to location. Overlooking the cobalt blue sea, in a landscape that alternates between valleys and headlands, between bays and beaches. In addition to its splendid vineyards, olive trees and all these citrus-fruit-plateaus, this has been a favourite destination for international jetsetters. These fascinating and elegant venues represent the ideal setting to celebrate an exclusive and unforgettable wedding.

Are you dreaming of a destination marriage event that will sweep you off your feet? A place that is famous for its awe-inspiring views, warm energy, and delectable food? Planning a wedding on the Amalfi coast offers couples amazing opportunities. The seaside terraces, adorned with blossoming cliffsides and lemon orchards, provide unparalleled views to the hordes of tourists who flock there yearly.

Directly in front of the Sorrento peninsula lies the island of Capri in the Gulf of Naples. Surrounded by a breathtakingly blue, turquoise-colored ocean, with a wildly uneven shoreline teeming with hidden bays and caves. If you are already starting to picture what your glorious celebration will look like, then all that is left to do is find a reputable wedding planner in Italy and start preparing! Below, we have included the most notable features of the infamous Amalfi, answering why this region is an ideal place for celebrating a love union.

Why Marry in Sorrento or have wedding on the Amalfi Coast?

A well-known Greek tale claims Hercules had a passionate love affair with Amalfi, a stunning nymph. The hero discovered this enchanted land while searching for a graveyard to honor the nymph’s alluring appeal following her untimely demise. A tale such as this touches even the most heartless person.

Few things compare to a wedding performed in one of the Positano, Ravello, or Amalfi area churches. The region known as the Sorrentine Peninsula will amaze you when you travel north along the coast road from Amalfi to the city of Sorrento. For our newlyweds to truly experience this deep sense of a wedding in Italy, we always advise them to take a trip through coastal cities and immerse themselves in the delights as a local would do.

Exploring the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, a remarkable gem of the Italian South, spans all the way north to Sorrento. It features almost 50 km of stunning coastline adorned with a charming line of vibrant fishing communities. If you’re still unsure whether pledging your love here is your best option, keep reading. Below, we have explained why having a wedding on the Amalfi Coast, in Sorrento, or on Capri, will provide you with the dreamiest experience you could ever imagine!

Experience the “Dolce Vita”

This region of the Italian Peninsula has a very laid-back and happy pace of life. We can’t help but become accustomed to things like sipping a shot of espresso with no sugar and striking up conversations with locals about how beautiful the South is.

The deep blue Mediterranean Sea is another reason for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast. Your ability to resist dipping into this enormous blue sea will be tested when the water takes on turquoise hues near the coasts. It shapes the coast with hidden coves and warm pools. Moreover, with this blue gem as a backdrop, uttering your vows will certainly result in some enchanting photos.

When it comes to the rivalry for premium beaches in this region, Positano dominates. After spending the day basking in the southern heat, you will be enticed by the sophisticated restaurants and cafes located here. If you are thinking of a destination wedding in Italy with the sea as your witness, the Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly filled with treasured sites.

Set aside time to see Sorrento, Ravello, and Positano

The Amalfi Coast’s breathtaking beauty is a visual and emotional feast. Even though you may have previously seen an image of Positano, witnessing it in person is a completely different experience. Its proud characteristic is the colorful homes that rise to the sheer cliff, next to the array of opulent, five-star hotels and upscale boutiques. Turning around here to take in the scenery will make the steep alleyway climb worthwhile.

Ravello is the next in this line of queens of the seashore, situated on a cliff. This town is known for being the best place to buy luxury vacation and residential villas in the area. And lastly, Sorrento is perhaps the most idyllic of them all when it comes to planning to get married in Italy. It is a romantic urban oasis with lemon trees, poets, and romance, setting the perfect stage for such a divine union.

A picturesque natural area

This local beauty seems to be just what you need if you appreciate taking regular walks in the outdoors. Or, book a boat cruise on your wedding on the Amalfi Coast to discover the numerous undiscovered gems along the shore. Consider visiting the Emerald Grotto, a naturally occurring marine grotto that is partially submerged. The cave is known as one of the most amazing sights in the entire region, reflecting an iridescent green light. It is the perfect opportunity to merge your union with adventure and give yourself- and your guests- the time of your lives!

Beautiful Capri

Known as the “island of the wild boars”, Capri is now mostly a VIP travel destination that highlights luxe Italian living. The island’s ultra-chic atmosphere is rivaled only by its rough geography. Capri has maintained its reputation as a bustling resort that provides unforgettable experiences around every turn since the Roman times.

No matter whether you are planning an intimate or a grandiose event, hosting a wedding on the Amalfi Coast is surely an upscale occasion.

Food at its best

Welcome to the home of classic pizza and a plethora of internationally renowned meals. They range from a tonne of family favorites to fresh buffalo mozzarella.

It is just not feasible to visit this region without stopping at one of its numerous eateries to sample its exceptional cuisine. If it hasn’t already been set on the table by the hospitable restaurant owners, asking for the locally made Limoncello is a great way to end the meal routine.

Overall, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular choices for couples looking for an intimate wedding or luxurious wedding on the Amalfi Coast. Here, you’ll discover extravagant settings, top-notch service, and a gorgeous natural setting to complement your event.

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