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Wedding in Sicily

Wedding in Sicily

Sicily is a magnificent island, a place where a fascinating fusion of history, culture, traditions, exquisite cooking, dream beaches, crystal clear sea and unspoilt nature provide an outstanding setting. Sicily is also called the Island of the Sun because, thanks to its fantastic climate, it is one of Europe’s sunniest regions and this brings with it perfect weather all year round. A wedding in Sicily allows you to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean climate and a feast of colours, fragrances and flavours that offer both you and your guests sensory and fragrant experiences, which will make your big day even more special.

Everywhere throughout Sicily are magnificent structures, cathedrals, old temples, and palaces. They showcase the astounding diversity of art and architecture that each passing culture has left behind. These magnificent witnesses of a time that is long gone will surround your wedding in Sicily with its breathtaking beauty. Therefore, they will easily create a stunning background for some of the most memorable bridal photos.

Sicily is one of the larger Italian islands and a great place to have a destination wedding in Italy. A land of customs, hues, a pleasant climate, and a captivating ocean, Sicily is a year-round option- not exclusively for the summer!

Why Get Married in Sicily?

You will be greeted warmly by Sicilians, who will ensure you have an amazing Italian experience. Therefore, you will be given the unique opportunity to live the fantasy in some of the many romantic hotels or exquisite town halls for your civil ceremony. Also, you can choose from charming churches and villages for your religious ceremony portraits!

The picturesque Sicilian mountains with their old villages can make the perfect setting for an exclusively private wedding in Sicily. Or, you may go to the little fishing communities and revel in the gorgeous vistas from the beaches along the coast. Italy’s Taormina, Catania, Ragusa, Palermo, and their surroundings are ideal locations for your romantic wedding in Sicily.

This unique combination of nature, art, culture, music, architecture, and delicious food will make your wedding in Italy truly magical!

Explore Sicily

Sicily is an extension of southern Europe, with warm summers and moderate winters. It also features the magnificent Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano. It is towering over the region’s beautiful cities, coastlines, and countryside. Below are a few of the greatest ways to commemorate your wedding in Sicily.

Visit an active volcano

Etna is accessible to the public through 145,000 acres of protected parkland. It is one of Europe’s most beautiful natural attractions. With its snow-capped summit giving way to a lunar landscape of peaks, craters, and lava fields, this natural wonder makes for some stunning backdrops.

To truly explore its uppermost regions, it is advisable to hire a native guide. From there, you may take a cable car across the lava plains and hike to the peak of the volcano, which is around 11,000 feet above sea level. Here, tourists can experience an exotic, yellow-black environment and breathtaking views of Sicily’s east coast.

Explore the islands of the Aeolian

The Aeolian Islands are the most popular archipelago in Sicily. They are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the island’s northeast coast. Each island was once a terrifying volcano. But, thousands of years later, it is a serene vacation destination with quaint beaches and gorgeous cliffside walkways. All are connected by a quick hydrofoil boat network that makes island hopping simple.

Isolated Alicudi relies solely on donkeys to carry goods because it lacks roads and cars. When the sun sets on Stromboli, visitors may enjoy black sand beaches. Also, you might witness spectacular volcanic outbursts around every 20 minutes. It’s a unique and fascinating experience right after you get married in Italy.

Discover the legendary beginnings of the Cyclops Riviera

Rich in mythology, Sicily is believed to have inspired part of Homer’s Odyssey, which is located around the Strait of Messina. The shoreline above Catania, which is said to be the location where the cunning hero Odysseus faced the enormous one-eyed man-eater Polyphemus, also had a role in the movement south.

The boulders Polyphemus is said to have thrown at Odysseus’s boat are the jagged lava stacks. They are known as Faraglioni in the local dialect and are located off the coast. Not only is the region’s past legendary, but its natural beauty is also well-known and perfect for a destination wedding in Italy.

Visit Nebrodi Park or Vendicari Nature Reserve to go birdwatching

In addition to being a wildlife habitat, Sicily is a crucial halt for migratory birds traveling from Europe to Africa. The Riserva di Vendicari is an eight-mile stretch of coastal nature reserve. It is near the southeast point of the island, where flamingos, curlews, and storks rest amid pebbly beaches, wetlands, and little coves.

Enjoy the sunbathing, hiking, and snorkeling opportunities while keeping an eye on them before or after your wedding in Sicily. The Parco dei Nebrodi is a natural park situated on the hilly spine that runs behind Sicily’s north coast. If you keep your eyes open, you may be rewarded with sightings of bushy-eared eagle owls, golden eagles, and endangered griffon vultures.

Watch a show while admiring the scenery at Taormina’s Greek theatre

In Taormina, history and culture collide spectacularly, allowing you to enjoy a performance just as the people have for over 2,000 years. The famous Greek theatre of the hilltop village was built in the third century BCE. It was carved out of a steep cliff face that overlooked the glistening blue Ionian Sea, with Etna dominating the background.

Although you can sign up for regular tours, enjoying this performance at your destination wedding in Italy is best. The season typically lasts from June until the end of September. Highlights for 2023 will be a performance of Puccini’s Tosca and an Andrea Bocelli semi-residency.

Experience history firsthand at Agrigento’s Valley of Temples

Temples built by the Greeks are dispersed throughout Sicily. But Agrigento is the island’s most impressive architectural landmark. It is surrounded by olive and almond trees and has seven temples as well as several religious sanctuaries you can explore. The temples are arranged in a semicircle around the city’s ruins. They mark the location of a sacred barrier surrounding the ancient Akragas city.

The site is covered in fragrant macchia mediterranea, a shrubland with shade-loving carob trees, myrtle, laurel, and mastic bushes, as well as delicate, yellow-flowered tree spurge. Other features on the site include the old agora, a necropolis, fortifications, and the bouleuterion, or assembly building.

In summary, planning to host your wedding in Sicily will certainly give you a memorable and out-of-the-ordinary experience! Pleading your love here is undoubtedly a desire many couples have. And in case you are searching for more inspiration or destinations, check out some of our other blogs!

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