2024 Wedding Trends: Planning a Wedding in Italy According to The Latest Directions

If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy in 2024, then learning about the latest trends should be your priority! You need to be up-to-date with everything that is in for this year so your celebration can be unforgettable and authentic. You may know the popular traditions in Italy, but that is not the same as bridal novelties. In other words, you absolutely want to see the list of trends we have prepared for you.

We have created this blog to help you when planning a destination wedding in Italy. You deserve to have the best time of your life and have everyone talk about the event you have organized. Your love story is about you, but you celebrate it with people you find dear to heart. So, you want to ensure that they will enjoy new things they have not seen at a destination wedding in Italy before. So, let’s dive into our list!

Breathtaking Wedding Attire

One of the most exciting parts of planning a destination wedding in Italy is deciding what kind of dress to wear. You can choose from many options, styles, and designs. But you will probably be choosing something made of natural fabrics this year. Natural elements and characteristics will be added to the 2024 wedding trends, making it a year in which you are encouraged to concentrate on details that highlight nature and purity. And you should choose something beautiful like silk, linen, or cotton to keep up with the trends.

Moreover, this year, the wedding industry will be more oriented towards two-piece bridal attire, which will allow you to add some versatility to your destination wedding in Italy. That is, two-piece clothing will allow you to mix bottoms and tops for different parts of your celebration, meaning you will have multiple outfits for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

Focus on Sustainability

The focus on sustainability and eco-friendly options will not cease in 2024. In fact, it will continue to grow even in weddings, so being responsible should be part of your bridal planning process. This means you should opt for “greener” choices for your decor, floral arrangements, stationary, and any other details you may want to include in your wedding in Italy.

Having an environmentally friendly destination wedding in Italy denotes that you are being a responsible adult and are setting an example. You will want your guests to admire you for your efforts, and you will surely feel good about making progress for our only home. If you are unsure where to incorporate sustainable elements, think about everything that can be recycled or made of recycled materials. Some options are invitations and cards made of recycled paper, organic food, local wine, and so on.

Colors and Hues

Planning a destination wedding in Italy means having spectacular scenery and scenic views. Therefore, you will have to complement the surroundings with the right colors. If you want to follow the trends, consider bright and vivid tones. That is, you should opt for electric and eye-catching colors.

The color of 2024 is Peach, but of course, the choice of color is personal. If you have doubts, you can ask for help from your wedding planner in Italy.

Popular Locations in Italy

While Italy has numerous scenic and breathtaking cities and towns, the trend location for 2024 will be Tuscany. This dreamy spot has been a desired place for many couples for years, but it will be a huge hit this year. Getting married in a romantic villa with enchanting features and rustic elements will be everything you need for your destination wedding in Italy.

You can also consider taking a full Italian style and getting married in one of the dozens of wineries scattered throughout the region. For many couples, a Tuscany wedding has been a dream, and 2024 could be your ideal year for living that dream!

You do not have to follow the popular trends when you get married in Italy. However, they will give you a chance to make something special and authentic. You need to make a destination wedding in Italy you can remember for the rest of your life, and these trends may help you achieve what you want!

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