4 Tips To Make Your Micro Destination Wedding In Italy a Macro Experience

Long gone are the days of extravagant weddings with 200+ guests where opulence and profusion blossom. You are now in the era of minimalism – a trend applied to weddings as well. The throne is now taken over by a micro destination wedding in Italy, an intimate celebration of not more than 20 guests where special attention is given to details and love is all that truly matters.

And when you mix your idea of a micro celebration with your favorite destination in some picturesque Italian location, you get a match made in heaven. Micro-destination weddings in Italy are thriving right now, and for a reason. You get to tie the knot in the most marvelous place in the world in a warm and personal atmosphere and celebrate your precious bond with the people who mean the world to you. Romantic, intimate, and ravishing!

If you are about to have your dream micro-destination wedding in Italy, keep reading to reveal the secrets of its success.

The world is your oyster.

That’s the thing about micro-destination weddings in Italy – you can do whatever you want and however you want it. You can give life to all your crazy ideas and peculiar visions you had for your big day without anyone telling you you’re doing it wrong. You can personalize your celebration however you desire and give it color, character, and deeper meaning. That applies to every element of the micro wedding in Italy. You don’t have to throw your bouquet, have a classic wedding cake, or book a live band. Do it your way and own it!

Delve into a wide range of venues.

The idea of getting married in Italy has its advantages, and one of them is the endless venue choices. Whether you have a private beach party on your mind or perhaps a nature-inspired celebration in a park, forest, or vineyard, you can make all that happen. While dwelling on the million different venue options for your micro-destination wedding in Italy, try to find the one that has meaning for both of you, a place that excites you and makes you passionate.

Rely on your wedding planner in Italy.

As much as you think you can handle all the organization by yourself regarding the small size of the bash (and we don’t say you can’t), you will sooner or later feel sick and tired, which is not the point of a micro destination wedding in Italy. These kinds of events are invented to be enjoyed from start to finish, so a helping hand will come to you as a blessing. By hiring a wedding planner in Italy, you will take all the burden off your shoulders and focus on love and positivity.

Extend your stay for a destination wedding experience.

Whether you want to spend the weekend after the celebration with your closest and feel the togetherness, or turn it into a loving honeymoon and explore the charming country with your new spouse, extending your stay will be the best idea. When you are already there, having a micro destination wedding in Italy, why not spend a few more days doing fun activities with your friends, roaming the streets of the lovely Italian towns, eating delicious food, and reveling in some unforgettable moments with your newlywed? Isn’t that the whole point of getting married in Italy?

Micro-destination weddings in Italy are undoubtedly an excellent option to celebrate the beginning of your new journey in life in a breathtaking location, surrounded by only the people that matter, in your own unique way.

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