Choose your cake for your destination wedding in Italy in 3 simple steps

It’s time to crown your destination wedding in Italy with Her Majesty – the glorious wedding cake! It will undisputedly be the cherry on top of the celebration and the sugar-coated treat everyone will indulge in. Choosing it, on the other hand, will not be so easy. Especially when you are getting married in Italy – setting your heart on one is practically impossible with all the flavors, fillings, creams, and different delight options.

Chocolate or fruity? Naked or adorned? How many tiers? The options are endless, but the wrong one doesn’t exist when Italian flavors are in question. If you feel stuck choosing the perfect cake for your destination wedding in Italy, follow these three simple steps to find the last course that will end your celebration with a bang.

Your wedding cake must match the style of the event.

It is impossible to dissociate the wedding cake from the essence of your event. Like flowers, attire, and decorations, everything must follow a specific style. Therefore, if you have organized a romantic wedding, the best choice will be a classic tiered cake with sugar paste or buttercream decorated in harmony with the celebration’s style. In case you have a rustic event on your mind located in a barn or farmhouse, the best option is an Italian-style maxi seasonal fruit tart or a naked cake decorated with wildflowers. Finally, a boho-chic style destination wedding in Italy goes perfectly with a fresh-flower-adorned cake.

Match the wedding cake with the season.

Link the choice of your Italian wedding cake with the season you will get married. This applies to both fruits and flowers (decorative and edible), as well as flavors. Choose ingredients that are seasonal and fresh at that time of the year. Winter destination weddings in Italy call for more caloric creams such as mascarpone or chocolate fillings – zests that warm the body and the heart. On the other hand, if you are having a summer wedding in Sicily, your cake should be all about the fruity, light, and refreshing flavors, such as the cream-flavored lime tart.

Go traditional to match the destination.

When you are planning a destination wedding in Italy, it is best to go with the famous saying: ‘When in Rome, do what the Romans do’. Treat your guests with a traditional Italian wedding cake – Millefoglie! It is a classic sponge cake, soft and frothy, with crunchy elements such as fruity berries or chocolate chips. You can choose to add a special touch and go with a hazelnut or pistachio filling.

You can always surprise your invitees with an Italian candy bar! Choose creamy cannoli for your wedding in Sicily, tempting tiramisu when tying the knot in Veneto, sfogliatella when having a wedding in Amalfi, or delizia al limone when getting married in Sorrento. Perfect for a traditional destination wedding in Italy where you want to impress your guests with a regional note.

Extra tips for choosing the perfect cake for your destination wedding in Italy

We are sharing some secrets, advice, and tips that will help you make searching for the perfect cake easier when having a destination wedding in Italy.

  • Always choose a personalized cake based on the theme and color palette of the event.
  • Avoid, if possible, entirely fake and overly spectacular photographic cakes.
  • The cake must be tempting for the eyes and the plate; meaning looks matter but flavors as well.
  • Browse current trends and shower your destination wedding planner with ideas so they can find the pastry chef who can give life to your visions and create a stylish masterpiece for you that will make you lick your chops.

For more inspiring tips on organizing a dreamy Italian wedding, continue reading more blogs.


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