How To Treat Your Guests To The Ultimate Tuscany Wedding

The most remembered weddings are those where the guests are in the spotlight. Surely, you’ll all gather to celebrate your happiest moments, but the only way you’ll have a successful celebration is if the entire party is well-treated and satisfied. That is why we’ll teach you how to pamper your guests for your Tuscany wedding.

Everyone knows that planning a Tuscany wedding requires a lot of effort, which may sometimes get overwhelming. However, your guests are putting in the work, too! Since they’ll travel far away, they’ll have to adjust their daily schedules and make the appropriate bookings so they can come and celebrate with you. Knowing this, you’ll need to make them feel warmly welcomed and ensure everyone is having a great time.

For that reason, we’ll give you a list of tips on how to make your guests the stars of the show during your Tuscany wedding. And let’s face it – without them, the big day just wouldn’t be the same!

It’s All About Information

At first glance, this may not fall into the pampering criteria, but hear us out. As previously mentioned, as much as you have to plan, your guests have to prepare as well. That’s why you should inform them about your Tuscany wedding as soon as possible.

For starters, send the save-the-date cards 8-9 months before the celebration takes place. This will give them more than enough time to tweak their schedules and make the necessary arrangements. Also, inform them about key details about your wedding, like the dress code, whether kids are allowed, where to find the best accommodation and flight deals, and so forth. It would be a good idea to create a simple website for your Tuscany wedding and add a “Frequently Asked Questions” section so all answers would be in one place. 

Provide The Warmest Welcome

After hours of traveling, your guest will probably want to relax and get settled. Before that, however, you’ll need to provide the warmest welcome imaginable!

If you’re not paying for their accommodation, you should at least set up transfer services from the airport. Ensure their rooms have a treat waiting for them inside, like a bottle of fine Tuscan wine or other Italian-related treats.

Once everyone’s got the lay of the land, give your guests a treat of what your Tuscany wedding will be like. The easiest way to do this is with a welcoming dinner! You can either host it at your venue (if possible) or at a restaurant where they can savor the region’s delicacies. And we’ve only just begun with surprises for your wedding guests!

Activities, Activities, Activities

Now, it’s time for the fun part – coming up with Tuscany wedding ideas for your guests. Since you’re already hosting your celebration in one of the most beautiful places in the world, not exploring it would be a waste. Luckily, there are many ways your party can experience Tuscany’s essence.

For one, you can organize a truffle hunting session once the festivities are over. Truffle season starts in autumn, and your guests are bound to have a fantastic time hunting them down. Plus, they’ll walk through the region’s lush and magnificent forests, which will be an experience on its own.

Additionally, you can partake in authentic cooking lessons. If your Tuscany wedding takes place in a vineyard, the venue will most likely offer them so you won’t have to spend additional time traveling. You and your guests will be treated to a masterclass in Italian cooking, making the experience even more memorable.

Finally, don’t think you’re short on surprises if you’re getting married in Tuscany in the cooler months. This is the perfect time for some relaxation and true pampering, so see if you can find wellness centers in the area. After all the planning you’ll do, there will be no better way to unwind and let your hair down.

These are just a few ways you can treat your guests to a fabulous Tuscany wedding experience that goes beyond the celebration. You should also come up with small mementos so they can remember your big day for a lifetime. Nonetheless, with the region’s beauty and your imagination and attention to detail, you’re bound for an unforgettable time!

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