Tips For Having The Most Romantic Vineyard Tuscany Wedding

There are many reasons why couples fall head over heels for Tuscany. Some can’t resist its inimitable emerald hills, rolling harmoniously to create the most magnificent scenery you’ve ever seen. Others are mesmerized by its historical allure, with villas telling the family intrigues from the aristocrats who’ve owned them. However, one thing that captivates every soul who visits this region is the countless vineyards, bringing some of the finest wine in the world. And what’s even more incredible is that they can create a breathtaking setting for your Tuscany wedding.

Despite Italy’s diversity, many couples dream of tying the knot in Italy’s most picturesque region. A Tuscany wedding has been an ongoing trend for the longest time, and its popularity has yet to fade – it probably never will!

Still, planning a Tuscany wedding may not be as easy as it sounds, especially if you’re doing it from afar. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few helpful tips that will help with the entire process. With our help, your celebration will be the epitome of magnificence.

Choose a Vineyard in Tuscany

This will undoubtedly be the hardest part of planning a Tuscany wedding! As you know, the region is filled with so many amazing venues, boasting wonderful settings that are perfectly fit for celebrating your happiest moments. Their diversity, however, is the exact thing that can make the planning process more challenging.

To narrow down your search for Tuscany wedding vineyards, stick to your budget. Once you have a select number of venues, see which ones fit your style and vision. In time, you’ll find the most idyllic location for celebrating your special day.

Think About the Decor

Since you’re planning a Tuscany wedding, there’ll be no need for too many flowers – they’ll practically be all around you. These magnificent venues are enriched with so many natural features and have breathtaking views that will make your photos nothing short of perfect.

Furthermore, you can play around with the color palette for your Tuscany wedding. Because you’re hosting your big day in the heart of nature, we recommend going for earthy tones mixed with pale purple or burgundy accents. Consider adding hints of deep reds as well for a striking effect.

Lastly, a Tuscany wedding is known to last until the very early morning hours. Given that your celebration will most likely take place outside, infuse atmospheric lights into the setting. Fairy lights are a foolproof choice, while candles can add a distinct dramatic essence.

Pick a Season

For most couples, a summer Tuscany wedding is an obvious choice. However, not everybody can afford this luxury, as venue prices can skyrocket around this time. Depending on the size of your celebration, its cost can be rather mind-spinning.

For that reason, you should opt for a different season. We highly suggest you consider autumn. Instead of emerald, the Tuscan hills are enriched with the most dazzling golden hues, adding to the region’s luxury. Autumn is also the grape-picking season, so you should expect wines that will simply blow you away. Lastly, Tuscany wedding vineyards are significantly cheaper around this time, making it ideal for couples with a strict budget.

Experiment With the Menu

For last – and we’ll keep this rather short – don’t hesitate to experiment with the menu for your Tuscany wedding. Aside from spectacular landscapes, the region is best known for its tantalizing dishes, boasting flavors you haven’t tasted before. Trust us: the dining experience will make your vineyard Tuscany wedding unforgettable.

Hosting a Tuscany wedding may get overwhelming, but once you see it come to life, you’ll know the effort was all worth it. Use our tips and create the big day you’ve always dreamed about!

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