5 Steps To Choosing The Italian Wedding Catering

The gastronomic journey your guests will take at your wedding will be one of the main points they will remember the most from the event. Catering is one of the core details that will complement the event and give your present guests the chance to taste something their palate won’t forget. As this is one of the most important aspects budget-wise, choosing Italian wedding catering should be done with the utmost precision.

There are countless details to consider when it comes to choosing the ideal Italian wedding catering service. Follow these steps, and you will get it right without losing all of your nerves!

Remember that if you rely on a local wedding planner in Italy, you can generally feel much more confident about the quality of the chosen service. For example, we only use selected caterers whom we trust and know will provide only high-quality products. In Italy, food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding.

Establish the budget and the number of guests

The first step is to define the amount of money you are willing to spend on Italian wedding catering and start the research for companies that do not exceed that figure. However, after analyzing your options, it is always good to remember that quality has an incomparable added value. Sometimes, the details make the difference in a good service, and some companies can offer more than others.

The price of catering for your wedding in Italy varies fundamentally depending on the number of portions, so having a rough number of invitees will undoubtedly help you choose the food provider for your celebration. But remember, having fewer guests doesn’t always mean paying less. In fact, a catering service will still have fixed costs, whether there are 50 or 80 guests, and therefore the cost per person for weddings with fewer guests will generally be higher than for weddings with many guests.

For example, the cost per person you will receive for a wedding with 50 guests, compared to a wedding with 100 guests, will not be 50% lower, but it might be lower by only 15/20%.

Additionally, at the time of booking, the received price will be based on the guaranteed number of guests, and in the event that the wedding day payment is based on that number of guests, even if there are fewer guests than originally communicated. However, a wedding planner in Italy knows how to handle this and will help you choose the best solution for you.

Furthermore, the price will also vary based on the selected menu. In general, for a wedding in Italy, a large appetizer buffet is expected, with as many as 5 or 6 tables featuring a variety of items such as cheeses, mozzarella, meat, fish, tartare, live cooking of fried foods, platters of freshly sliced local hams and salamis, and many other local products. Following that, there are usually 2 first courses. In Italy, a first course is typically pasta or risotto, and then there will be one or two main courses, which can be based on fish or meat. Another dish called “Contorno,” such as vegetables or potatoes, will also be served.

Be precise about the wedding style to find the right type of catering

The style of your destination wedding in Italy will greatly condition the type of catering that will be hired. Every catering service has its own style, and even the table setting (plates, glasses, silverware, tablecloths) is important because you’ll need to choose the one that best reflects your style. Generally, each catering service includes some table settings in the overall price, with others available for an additional cost. Furthermore, some catering services offer a wide range of choices for table settings, while others have fewer options. In the latter case, if you desire a specific style that the catering service doesn’t provide, you may need to arrange for the rental of table settings from another supplier that aligns with your preferred style.

Get a taste of your wedding menu

After you have chosen your favorites, the key to having a menu that impresses your guests during your wedding in Italy is to have a previous tasting. This way, you can select those suppliers that fit your personal gastronomic preferences to design a wedding menu full of exquisite dishes. It is vital to perceive the perfect combination between the quality of the products served, the quantity on the plate, and the variety of flavors. Presentation must also be taken into consideration, paying attention to the originality and the use of seasonal products. As a rule of thumb, we suggest including a variety of traditional Italian wedding foods so all of your guests can experience the one-of-a-kind flavors of the country.
If you don’t have the opportunity to come to Italy for a menu tasting, we at Amore Wedding Italy can do it for you. We understand that this won’t provide the same sensations as tasting a delicious plate of pasta, but through photos or a video call, we will show you the dishes and how they will be presented on the day of your wedding.

Keep in mind the niceties

When closing the final guest list, you must not forget to consult with each guest if they have any type of food allergy or intolerance. There might also be a chance to have a friend or family member among your wedding attendees who leads a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Thinking about those details when designing the menu for your destination wedding in Italy is essential so everyone can enjoy an excellent gastronomic experience that fits their lifestyle. Your dearly beloved will surely appreciate your concern.

Don’t forget the kiddos! A good caterer must be able to put together a special menu for the children at your wedding as well. It is an important tip that you will have to consider and notify the catering service to ensure its adaptability.

With these five key steps, you will be able to select the Italian wedding catering that best suits your needs quickly and simply. Find the best one and delight your guests’ palates so they can treasure your wedding forever.

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