Five Fabulous Benefits of Having a Small Wedding in Italy

When it comes to a wedding in Italy, the ‘less is more’ trend is easily applied to celebrations of this kind. Intimate affairs have become couples’ number-one choice, and honestly, we can’t blame them for that. The intimacy, personalization, originality, and beauty of these kinds of events treasure the real meaning of it all – the love and bond between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together and celebrate it with the ones whom they hold dear the most. 

However special small weddings can be, when you infuse them with the irresistible Italian charm, they somehow grow to be even more fabulous. Intimate weddings in Italy promise absolute elegance and charisma that will make your event memorable and leave your guests more than satisfied.

These are some of the reasons why having a small wedding in Italy is the best idea you can adopt.

Plenty of venue choices

Ditch the enormous venue halls and massive mansions and go for the more intimate options. A wedding in Italy is all about the private lakeside spots enwrapped in nature or private villas with lovely gardens. Here, you will find places with deeper meanings that are so simple yet so captivating. You can book a boutique seaside hotel and have an Amalfi Coast wedding, say ‘I do’ in the middle of a Chianti vineyard in some picturesque Tuscan villa, or tie the knot in some of Rome’s historic buildings and make your celebration timeless. Simply put, the choices are endless if you desire to have your special day in a small Italian wedding venue.

Extend your event

Why spend just one day partying with your closest invitees when you can extend your event and turn it into a weekend wedding celebration? Book one of the lovely Italian villas that is big enough to gather all your guests and spend the whole weekend celebrating your joyful moment. The feeling of warmth and togetherness will mean the world to you while laughing over all the heartwarming moments that happened during your wedding in Italy.

Splurge in the elements that matter

Obviously, when you cut the wedding guest list, you also cut the expenses. You will choose a smaller venue, have less space for decoration, and need less food, all of which equals fewer costs. That will leave you room for improvement in the quality of the wedding. You can decide to splurge on culinary treats and have a candy bar filled with some of the irresistible Italian desserts or savory personalized appetizers. Now, you will be able to afford to rent the charming lakeside villa that stole your heart and have a Como wedding.

More room for personalization

A synonym for a small wedding in Italy is an intimate, idyllic, and characteristic event with a unique and careful decoration. This is precisely the great advantage of these celebrations, where you can focus on thinking about customized wedding favors for each guest, decorating special corners, making your own invitations, or a seating plan that you have never seen before. You can give life to all of your Pinterest wedding boards and make all your ideas real. It doesn’t matter what place or furniture you want to add or all kinds of details you want to add. A beautiful and personalized result is more than assured. And Italy’s well-known charm, loved by everyone, will surely add to the magic of it all.

Minimum stress and maximum enjoyment

Gone are the long and endless lists of guests, of whom you don’t even know half. You will not have to be aware of whether or not you have greeted all 300 people you had to invite. Instead, you will spend the most important event of your life with the people who truly matter and have witnessed your love blossom to the fullest.

As you can see, there are so many advantages when it comes to planning a small wedding in Italy. These reasons do not mean that you can’t or shouldn’t have an extravagant affair if you wish. Simply take into account the different options you have when planning your celebration so that it is a unique and memorable day for everyone present that represents who you are, and above all, that it is the best start of your new stage in life.

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