Here are 10 good reasons to get MARRIED IN ITALY

Wedding in Italy

If you’re considering a wedding abroad, I can really recommend a wedding in Italy. If you’re not sure why Italy, I have many good reasons for choosing this beautiful country. The list is long and I could go on forever.
Here are at least ten good reasons:

Italy is a paradise

The blue sea, nature and stunning scenery, beautiful historical, cultural and architectural sites. This country is perfect for celebrating love! You can choose a white beach with crystal clear waters in Sardinia or the magnificent Amalfi Coast, glorious Tuscany, the lush hills of Umbria, in front of the Colosseum or other historical monuments in the centre of Rome. You can also choose an ancient and picturesque castle, beautiful Venice, or the Alps at an altitude of over 2,500 metres.

Italy is the ideal place for any ceremony

You can choose between a symbolic ceremony, religious ceremony, (Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc.), or a civil ceremony.

Legal Marriage

Entering into a legal marriage in Italy may sound complicated, but as the wedding planner I will assist with all the paperwork and bureaucracy. You can celebrate a legal marriage anywhere in Italy, from the sea to the mountains. I will guide you through the entire process.

Italian cuisine – a culinary experience

Enjoying Italian cuisine is something completely unique. Many people choose Italy just to enjoy delicious food and wine. From good appetizers to savoury first courses, to juicy second courses and exquisite desserts, Italy has something for everyone. You can also enjoy having a live cooking show while enjoying an aperitif, where the chefs prepare the food at a wedding in Italy. How about a master cheesemaker who prepares mozzarella right in front of you, or you, as bride and groom, are able to cook and decorate the famous classic wedding cake “Millefoglie” in front of the guests.

Easy to travel to Italy

Thanks to the airlines, it is very easy to get to Italy. There are many international airports; from there it is easy to travel onward by high-speed train, bus, taxi or by renting a car.

A memory for life for you and your guests

A wedding in Italy gives you the opportunity to spend a few extra days with friends and family. You have the opportunity to organise a welcome party the day before the wedding and, not least, combine this with a holiday where you can visit many great locations. For those who are only looking for relaxation, there are many options, such as relaxing in a vineyard with a spa or enjoying beach life. The choices are infinite!


With many sunny months and the mild climate from March to November, an outdoor wedding is possible in Italy from April to October. Why not enjoy a better wedding dinner out in the sunset in beautiful surroundings such as olive groves, vineyards, the sea or, for example, on a rooftop terrace in the centre of Rome overlooking the Coliseum? A wedding in Italy gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sun and all the beautiful surroundings that the country has to offer.

Enjoy a Unique Experience

If you want to surprise your guests, a wedding in Italy is the ideal choice! An Italian farmhouse with its historic buildings, olive trees and vineyards is perfect for an elegant rural wedding. And for those who prefer the elegance of a beautiful villa or castle, or the authenticity of a trullo (a domed house found only in Apulia in the South of Italy), anything is possible!

Already on honeymoon

Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, or Apulia: all the beautiful Italian cities are nearby to spend the best honeymoon you could dream of. As bride and groom, you can also enjoy La Dolce Vita to relax straight after your wedding in Italy. Remember, I can help you plan your honeymoon, if you wish.

The Land of Love

Actually, there is no need to convince anyone about a wedding in Italy because it is enough to say the word “Italy,” the land of love. This country is literally spoilt for beauty, history, culture, good food and wonderful people. No wonder Italy is ranked among the three most beautiful and grandest places to get married in the world. I’ll help you make your wedding in Italy a reality. Contact me for a casual chat!


l will help you experience La Dolce Vita at its best.

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