Make Your Wedding in Italy Unforgettable With Italian Songs

We all have that one song that takes us back to a certain moment in time, evoking nostalgic feelings that no one can stay indifferent to. Knowing this, we don’t have to emphasize the importance of creating the perfect playlist for your wedding in Italy.

Music has this incredible power to physically and emotionally move you, making every moment twice as significant. Since you’re celebrating one of the biggest milestones of your life, music will breathe life into your wedding in Italy and have everyone remember this joyous occasion for a lifetime.

As you may know, Italian weddings are known to be quite luxurious, festive, and deeply rooted in tradition. No wonder why they last so long through the night! Naturally, these celebrations aren’t complete without classic Italian wedding songs. From the heavenly-sounding Ave Maria to the lively Tarantella, these songs are known to touch even the most stone-hearted, making them a must for your biggest day.

As there are so many of them, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest songs for your wedding in Italy. Just by hearing one note of them, you and your guests will be transported to charming cobbled streets filled with people who truly know the meaning of la dolce vita. 

Best Italian Songs For Weddings

  • Ave Maria – Franz Schubert

If you’ve ever attended a wedding in Italy, you already know that Ave Maria is a classic. Originally composed by the great Franz Schubert, this church hymn quickly became a staple, but Luciano Pavarotti truly gave it new life. Suddenly, Ave Maria became a classic for Italian wedding ceremonies, making it perfect for your grand, memorable entrance.

  • O Sole Mio – The Three Tenors

While on the topic of Luciano Pavarotti, we simply must include the triumphant O Sole Mio, sung and composed by the Three Tenors. This timeless Italian song for weddings was brought to its glory by the incomparable opera singer, and it truly speaks the language of love. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or having your first dance to it, the melody of O Sole Mio will captivate everyone.

  • Tarantella di Napoli – Joel Francisco Perri

As previously mentioned, a wedding in Italy is all about tradition. With that in mind, Tarantella di Napoli must be included in your playlist! This lively tune first emerged around the 15th century and is commonly paired with a dance traditionally performed in a circle. Typically, the newlyweds dance in the middle while the guests perform around them, which is believed to bring many blessings and well wishes. Interestingly enough, many are curious about where the song got its name from. If you were thinking of spiders, you’re absolutely correct! Before this song became a classic for weddings in Italy, it was believed it cured even the deadliest spider bite.

  • Azzurro – Adriano Celentano

Missing a ‘something blue’ for your Italian Wedding? Let Azzurro by Adriano Celentano change that! This song became incredibly popular during the early 70s, and it still finds its place on many reception playlists. Although the song talks about a lonely summer in Italy, the upbeat tempo and catchy tune will surely get all of your guests on their feet, celebrating your most remarkable moment.

  • That’s Amore – Dean Martin

If you come by any Instagram reel showcasing Italy’s treasures, That’s Amore by Dean Martin will most likely be playing in the background. This beautiful song is the perfect addition during cocktail hour, and it’s ideal for couples who want to celebrate their American heritage for their wedding in Italy.

Picking songs for your Italian wedding is no easy task, but consider our recommendations as must-haves! If you need more inspiration, you can also look up playlists on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Nonetheless, with these soul-catching Italian songs for weddings, your celebration is bound to be filled with joy and everlasting romance.

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