Small Details to Create The Most Iconic Wedding in Italy

Every wedding in Italy needs some extra touches to create a unique experience for both the couple and the guests. When you finish with the big arrangements, such as the venue, entertainment, and accommodation, you need to shift your attention to the small details that will make your celebration authentic and memorable. Although small, these features will allow you to remember your big day and create special memories.

Even though the extra touches you decide to include in your destination wedding in Italy are personally yours, you may still find some tips useful. We can give you some ideas to adjust and modify later to suit your style. You can go as simple or as extravagant as you want, but remember that these elements will set the tone of your wedding.

Use The Power of Flowers 

If you decide to have your wedding in Italy, you will have the chance to pick a scenic place for it. However, even if you choose the most fascinating venue, you will never regret adding floral touches to your ambiance. Flowers are what make each special occasion more beautiful and authentic, as they can really set the tone and portray the atmosphere you are trying to achieve in your celebration.

Floral arrangements can be either extravagant or subtle, depending on the setting for your destination wedding in Italy. Plus, they come in different colors, meaning you can combine them with every single detail you have included in your union. They will add a romantic touch to your love story and make your photographs more impressive.

Set Up a Snack Bar for Your Reception

Every wedding in Italy can use some snacks before the reception. You have to take into account that once your ceremony finishes, there will be a gap in time before the reception starts. Generally, newlyweds use this time for some portraits, but you have to think about your guests. Since they will be waiting for you, keeping them engaged for the time being will be an excellent time filler. And there is no better way to do that than with a cute and simple snack bar.

No person does not like sweet and crispy things, so your bar can have some cookies and similar desserts your guests can enjoy before the reception. You will probably want to include some drinks, but they are expected, so it’s best to go in for a surprise. Nonetheless, sweet delights will impress your guests and add a special touch to your destination wedding in Italy.

Do Not Forget About The Magic of Stationary 

When you want to set the tone for your Italian wedding, you should consider investing in stationary details such as menus, seating cards, and invitations. They are really small details but will surely add a unique touch to your bridal celebration. When planning a wedding in Italy, ensure all the details match your preferred theme. There is nothing more beautiful than a celebration where everything is in sync! People love that, and you will love it too! So, it would be a good idea to consider which stationary elements you want to add to your special day to make it more memorable.

Include Additional Entertainment for Your Guests 

When we talk about bridal entertainment, you probably think about music that will be part of your celebration. Dancing is an inevitable part of every wedding, so it is expected that you will include some kind of musical performance. However, you should take into account that not all of your guests are keen on dancing, and you do not want to see them bored on your big day.

So, a simple solution would be to add a form of entertainment that will keep everyone engaged and ensure that every single person has fun. And remember that the element of surprise is what can make your wedding in Italy special. So, adding some kind of unexpected entertainment can be a brilliant addition to your celebration. You may set up a photo booth or go for some games, such as quizzes about the newlyweds. Your guests will love such entertainment, and you will not worry about anyone being bored!

The uniqueness of your celebration lies in the extra touches you decide to include. So, do not be afraid to go with unexpected and personal features that depict you as a couple. Everyone loves authenticity, especially in an event as magnificent as a wedding in Italy!

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