Dreamy Love Celebration in Italy: How to Plan The Perfect Autumn Wedding in Rome

A blend of history, glory, and elegance is everything Rome is about! One look at the city simply takes your breath away. So, when you say you have dreamed of having a wedding in Rome, we know exactly what you are talking about! The magnificent city, abundant with majestic places, is a real heaven for those who want to add a magical sparkle to their love story.

Unfortunately, it is not the same thing to daydream and actually plan. But no one says you will not turn your dreams into reality! It is always possible to get something if you really want it. In such a case, careful planning and expert advice will help you plan your big day. Well, prepare to be swept up in the magic of the Eternal City for your wedding in Rome!

First Things First: Hire a Wedding Planner in Italy

A destination wedding in Rome means getting married in a foreign country with different customs and regulations than those at home. Even if you have spent a lot of time in Italy and have researched numerous things about destination unions, you will never have enough information to create the day you want easily.

Different regulations are not the only obstacle that you may face. Language and cultural barriers should be considered because they can make things quite tricky. And this is where a local wedding planner can come to the rescue and make everything easier. We are not saying that these professionals have magic wands. However, they still have the power to turn your dream wedding in Rome into reality. We are talking about experts with skills and connections who can finish half the planning job in no time.

We usually recommend hiring a planner because they can easily get you to the best vendors and, on top of that, get you some good deals. In other words, while paying for this bridal provider, you will save on others, meaning it is a good bargain.

The Big Decision: Civil or Religious Ceremony

A wedding in Rome allows you to have a gorgeous religious ceremony in one of the city’s numerous churches. Since the Italian capital is the heart of religion, you can have a memorable union in a setting that suits your style and needs. Whether you want something more intimate or more extravagant, Rome has it all!

On the other hand, if you strive to get married in Italy with a civil ceremony, then you have three options – Caracalla Wedding Hall, Campidoglio Wedding Hall, or Villa Lais Wedding Hall. There is also an abundance of private venues with stunning settings, so it is up to you to decide what kind of celebration you want to achieve. An important thing to know is that we can legally marry you anywhere. Whether it is an outdoor or indoor area, a tourist or private spot, a lavish garden, or a scenic rooftop – the choices are endless!

Creating Memories: Hire The Perfect Photographer

Our third major element is the photographer. Once you pick a planner to manage your vendors and find your ideal spot for tying the knot, the only thing left is the person who will turn your bridal journey into a visual and captivating love story.

The choice of a photographer is essential because you pick a person who will follow you the whole day and capture your most intimate and significant moments. This means that you need a reliable expert who will be able to realize your ideas and improve them in the best way they know. Moreover, you need someone who will be open to communication and listen to everything you want to get out of your wedding in Rome.

Be sure to pick a photographer with experience working on destination weddings in Rome. These people usually know the best scenic spots for portraits as well as secluded and private areas for miraculously spontaneous photo sessions.

If you are planning a wedding in Rome, we can tell you that you have made the best life decision. Just ensure that you plan the whole event the right way so you avoid stress as much as possible and enjoy every minute of it.

For more bridal advice and recommendations for your wedding in Rome, please take a peek at our blog page.


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