5 Amazing Table Settings For Your Tuscany Wedding

The clock is slowly ticking away to your Tuscany wedding, so you probably spend most of your time online, searching for all sorts of inspiration. Naturally, since you’re hosting your most special day in a region that’s best known for its cuisine, you pay special attention to the menu and classic Tuscan table decor.

Italian table settings deserve a league of their own, but those found in Tuscany weddings are truly something else. Rustic elegance is typically the predominant style, featuring stunning neutrals and an abundance of natural motifs. However, nowadays, modern couples like to switch things up and adorn their tablescapes with contemporary elements, yet are Tuscan in their core.

Looking up table settings for your Tuscany wedding can sometimes get exhausting, considering all the available options. That’s why we highlight some of our favorite tablescapes inspired by Italy’s most renowned region.

All Things Olive

Tuscany’s landscapes are enriched with fragrant olive groves, painting a resplendent image of harmony. With that in mind, why not infuse some of that lush greenery into your Tuscany wedding? Neutrals paired with subtle green hints will result in vibrant yet delicate table settings. You can even consider scattering olive branches or opt for cream-colored flowers. Either way, your tablescapes are bound to look elegant and majestic.

Lemony Goodness

Although lemons are more common in the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, nothing stops you from adding a zesty touch to your Tuscany weddings. Adorn all your tables with different-sized lemons and add small details of azure and blue like candleholders, napkins, and so forth. Don’t forget to include Limoncello in your menu, especially if your big day takes place in the summer.

Vineyard Delights

One sip of Tuscan wine, and you’ll forget about all the others you’ve tasted before! Some of the world’s best wines come from the region’s heart and provide a sensation like no other. Luckily, many wineries have their doors open for couples who want to have their dream Tuscany wedding amid fragrant vineyards, providing an aroma that truly captures love’s essence. For that reason, enrich your Tuscan table decor with grapevine wreaths and grapes. Obviously, a selection of the finest wines stands as a centerpiece.

Tuscan Glamour

Apart from being rooted in traditions, local Tuscans have a sharp eye for style. That’s why you can’t find a region quite like it anywhere else in the world! Be a bit daring and add a dash of contemporary glamor by incorporating shades of blue and lavender to your table linen. Go the classic route for the tableware by selecting vintage pieces and top them off with a personalized menu card. Also, instead of artificial lighting, consider setting up long and dramatic candelabras – this will achieve the elegance you’re striving for in a heartbeat!

Terracotta Passion

Before your Tuscany wedding commences, we recommend you go on a hot air balloon tour and admire the region from above. Aside from magnificent landscapes, you’ll see a lot of gorgeous stone villas with the most captivating terracotta roofs. Terracotta is one of Tuscany’s symbols, and you can easily incorporate it into your Italian wedding tablescape. You can either get some classic vases, adorn them with flowers, and set them as centerpieces, or you can use the fiery amber colors for the linen and tableware. This is an excellent option for those who are hosting their special day in the warm embrace of autumn’s hues.

These were some of our favorite table settings for your Tuscany wedding, but you can always go the extra mile and come up with your own. The region is so inspiring that the creative ideas will definitely flood you, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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