The Hottest Destinations For Your Wedding in Italy in 2025

A wedding in Italy is definitely one of those evergreen trends that show no signs of going out of fashion. And it is completely natural – what’s not to love about it? The country is as diverse as ever, boasting magnificent landscapes, a cultural heritage you can always recognize, and a cuisine so tantalizing that you can hardly find anything similar in the world. Italy’s beauty keeps drawing in couples year after year, leaving indelible marks and irreplaceable memories.

That said, Italy offers so many options for you to create your dream wedding. Just imagine exchanging vows amid Tuscany’s lush hills, Amalfi Coast’s pristine waters and iconic coastline, or Rome’s timeless elegance. Because there are so many choices, it’s challenging to decide on the ideal location for your wedding in Italy.

We know how exhausting it can be when it comes to making up your mind about where to get married in Italy. For that reason, we’ve rounded up some of the country’s hottest destinations, where you can seamlessly plan the big day you’ve always envisioned.

Tuscany Wedding

Rolling hills, endless stretches of aromatic vineyards, and golden sunsets like nowhere else… The moment you envision that countryside galore, you will realize that no Italy wedding destination comes close to Tuscany’s authentic beauty. This is ideal for couples who desire a laid-back celebration surrounded by their closest ones in an environment that has inspired some of the world’s most prominent artists. Aside from its natural treasures, Tuscany will lure you with flavorful dishes that ignite both the heart and soul. 

Wedding in Florence

While Florence is essentially part of Tuscany, it surely deserves a league of its own. The Tuscan capital has gained a lot of attention in the last decade as many couples can’t resist celebrating their wedding in Italy here. The city has all the features Tuscany is known about, yet the atmosphere is slightly different. Instead of tranquility, Florence is quite vibrant and diverse, enwrapped in historical elegance, and offers many artistic treasures no one can feel indifferent to.

Wedding in Rome

Speaking of vibrant cities, Rome is one of the most sought-after locations for weddings, not only in Italy but worldwide. This city is the cradle of civilization, enriched with countless landmarks that speak volumes about its history. However, Rome is also the epicenter of modernity, luxury, and elegance, making it perfect for couples who want their wedding in Italy to be infused with a dash of contemporary flair. Dubbed the biggest open-air museum in the world, your photos are bound to turn out magnificent.

Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world – no wonder why so many couples choose it as their preferred Italy wedding destination. The Land of Lemons is filled with so many breathtaking landscapes, captivating sunsets, and romantic terraces that offer surreal views, creating enchanting scenery for your celebration. Once the festivities are over, don’t miss out on the opportunity to let your hair down and take a scenic drive through the Coast and experience beauty like you’ve never seen before.

Wedding in Venice

What can you expect from Italy’s most romantic city? The glimmering canals, artistic beauties, and millenary history are what make the Floating City the most magical place for your wedding in Italy. Its exceptional uniqueness has captivated the hearts of countless poets, musicians, and artists for decades, and yours will be no exception.

Whichever destination you choose for your wedding in Italy, you won’t be making the wrong choice. Think about the style you’re going for and see which location resonates the most with your vision. Take the time to create the wedding of your dreams and get married in Italy in style.

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